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texas_forever's Journal

Tim Riggins
12 April 1989
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Tim arrived on Tabula Rasa at the end of Season One of Friday Night Lights. His inventory at that time, was:

[1] pair of blue Douglas GP 66 shoulder pads with attached back plate
[1] blue Douglas Adult Cowboy Collar
[1] white McDavid 7864 Padded Shell shirt
[1] white McDavid 755 Hexpad girdle with thighpads
[1] wide band jockstrap with protective cup
[1] white 60" football belt with 1" D-rings
[1] pair of blue polyester double knit game pants
[1] white Schutt helmet with a blue P on either side and blue stripe down the middle with attached blue face mask and chin strap
[1] 1 blue Under Armour Tech Longsleeve Mock in medium
[2] yellow arm bands
[1] blue Panthers jersey with the number '33' on front and back in white outlined in yellow
[1] pair of white and blue Reebok NFL Equipment Triple Impact Adult Football Receiver/Running Back Gloves
[1] pair of white shin guards
[1] pair of white knee-high sports socks
[1] pair of white shin-high sports socks with attached athletic tape
[1] pair of white Reebok cleats

Tim Riggins is the property of NBC Universal Television and Imagine Television and no harm is intended in the use and play of this character.